Jamur White Truffle

Jamur White Truffle termahal di dunia
These foods in the world. One pound of mushrooms this price can reach 60 million. White Truffle mushroom is the most expensive mushroom in the world. It's a solid and earthy is the special characteristic that can not be ditandingi by other fungi. White Trufle Spora expensive in the world. . This mushroom is used in a very small size (only a little grated only) in each dish. And mushroom dish that serve this dish of course is not normal. This fungus can only be found in Piedmont, northern Italy, and is only harvested during autumn. Harvest it must also be assisted by a special dog who also get special training!

Jamur kulit (skin fungus)

Typically, a skin fungus or jamur kulit drugs work prevent this fungus with the activities of the cells so that the fungus becomes damaged. Drugs given the form of skin fungus cream or salep that can be smeared directly on the infected areas fungi. However, a medicinal mushroom is required in addition to systemic infection when already widespread.

1. Drug classification Jamur Skin

Skin fungus medicine in Indonesia, among others:
1. Griseofulvin

Drugs effective for this fungus infection in the skin, hair, and nails caused by various fungi dermatofit such as Trichophyton, Epidermophyton, and Microsporum. Griseofulvin works by preventing fungus mitoisi with mikrotubuler binding protein in the cells.
2. Imidazol and Triazol

Drugs mushrooms imidazol groups have a broad spectrum. This group is mikonazol, klotrimazol, ekonazol, isokonazol, tiokonazol, and bifonazol. Figures cure tinea pedis with 95% of mikonazol.
3. Tolnaftat

Tolnaftat is a tiokarbamat effective for most dermatofitosis caused T. Rubrum, T. metagrophites, T. tonsurans, E. Floccosum, M.canis, M. Auduoini and P.orbiculare but not effective against Candida. Figures tolnaftat healing on tinea pedis at 80%.
4. Nistatin

This medicine is an antibiotic polien produced by Streptomyces noursei. Nistatin mainly used kandida infection in skin, mucous membrane and digested channel.
5. Another

kandisidin, benzoat acid and acid salisilat, uindesilat acid, haloprogin, natamisin, siklopiroks olamin.
2. Skin infections fungus

Fungus infection of the skin often suffered by people living in tropical countries. Indonesia has a tropical climate that result in air temperature that is hot and humid so beneficial for the growth of organisms such as fungi and parasites.

Fungus can grow on human skin regions such as the humid armpit, selangkangan, finger interspace foot, bending the skin moist, fold under the breasts, buttocks or in the fold. Parts of the skin is moist in addition, often does not dry out each time the bath.