Jamur kulit (skin fungus)

Typically, a skin fungus or jamur kulit drugs work prevent this fungus with the activities of the cells so that the fungus becomes damaged. Drugs given the form of skin fungus cream or salep that can be smeared directly on the infected areas fungi. However, a medicinal mushroom is required in addition to systemic infection when already widespread.

1. Drug classification Jamur Skin

Skin fungus medicine in Indonesia, among others:
1. Griseofulvin

Drugs effective for this fungus infection in the skin, hair, and nails caused by various fungi dermatofit such as Trichophyton, Epidermophyton, and Microsporum. Griseofulvin works by preventing fungus mitoisi with mikrotubuler binding protein in the cells.
2. Imidazol and Triazol

Drugs mushrooms imidazol groups have a broad spectrum. This group is mikonazol, klotrimazol, ekonazol, isokonazol, tiokonazol, and bifonazol. Figures cure tinea pedis with 95% of mikonazol.
3. Tolnaftat

Tolnaftat is a tiokarbamat effective for most dermatofitosis caused T. Rubrum, T. metagrophites, T. tonsurans, E. Floccosum, M.canis, M. Auduoini and P.orbiculare but not effective against Candida. Figures tolnaftat healing on tinea pedis at 80%.
4. Nistatin

This medicine is an antibiotic polien produced by Streptomyces noursei. Nistatin mainly used kandida infection in skin, mucous membrane and digested channel.
5. Another

kandisidin, benzoat acid and acid salisilat, uindesilat acid, haloprogin, natamisin, siklopiroks olamin.
2. Skin infections fungus

Fungus infection of the skin often suffered by people living in tropical countries. Indonesia has a tropical climate that result in air temperature that is hot and humid so beneficial for the growth of organisms such as fungi and parasites.

Fungus can grow on human skin regions such as the humid armpit, selangkangan, finger interspace foot, bending the skin moist, fold under the breasts, buttocks or in the fold. Parts of the skin is moist in addition, often does not dry out each time the bath.

Koloni kapang

The Kapang koloni (English mold) is a member of regnum Fungi ( "Kingdom" Jamur), which usually grow on the surface of the food that is stale or too old is not processed. Most kapang is a member of the class Ascomycetes.

Jamur shiitake

Contain lentinan or polisakarida that dissolved in water) is arranged in the form of beta-1, 3, glukan with beta-1, 6, and beta-1, 3 glukopiranosida. Gynecology compound is trusted by the health professionals can prevent cancer and tumor growth to 72-92%.

To find out khasiatnya, many in Japan have done intensive research on shiitake mushrooms. Among them, the research conducted in 1970 found that the amino acid in the shiitake mushroom can help to process cholesterol in the liver. This mushroom contains amino acid that is needed by the body, namely, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, and several types of fiber and enzyme. Shiitake mushrooms also contain ergosterol, which is processed into the body of vitamin D after the skin is exposed to sunlight. Gynecology amino acid shiitake mushrooms make it work to improve the body's immune system, and the indigestion, heart, ease of cold, and smooth circulation of blood.

JAMUR KAYU / LING ZHI (Ganoderma lucidum ( Leyss.ex Fr ) Karst. )

Latin Name: --
Local name: Supa sinduk

People: Polyporales
Tribe: Polyporaceae
Marga: Ganoderma
Type: Ganoderma lucidum (Leyss.ex Fr) Karst.

PURPOSE: In the Alternative Herbal treatment
Coronary heart, high Cholesterol, rheumatism, asthma packed, the weak, Hepatitis, Menundas too, Allergies, Cancer, TGA and High cholesterol, Diabetes, Reduces Effect poor chemotherapy.

Jamur Tiram

Low cholesterol, so it can prevent high blood (hypertension) and safe for people prone to heart attack, and also good for dkonsumsi by pregnant women and breastfeeding.

Results from research Bobek (1999) from the Research Institute of Nutrition of Bratislava "Natural products with anti-oxidant and hypolipemic effect". Studies have been conducted on a group of 57 male: female = 1:1, half the age of age, cases with hyperlipoproteinemia. During one month they eat 10 grams of oyster mushrooms on a regular basis. Conclusion, the statistics are very promising, that is, serum cholesterol and down 12.6 percent and 27.2 percent triglycerol down. Oyster mushrooms also have the effect of antioxidants with the revelation peroksidasi in eritrosit.

Jamur kuping

Mucus trusted by the Chinese to increase the body resistance, expedite the flow of blood, reduce cholesterol level, and counteract compound ¬ toksik or toxic compound contained in the material when other vegetables cooked together. This has been proven by Professor Harnmsmith, a biological expert dariAmerika States in which research proves very rare blood coagulation in the body of the diligent Chinese people mengonsumsi ear fungus. In addition, ear mushroom extracts also create better blood circulation to move freely in the tube so that the heart makes people more energik.Berbeda with orangThionghoa, if people believe the UK mushroom coup.

  • Jamur kuping hitam (Auricularia polytricha)
  • Jamur kuping merah (Auricularia auricula judae)
  • Jamur kuping putih (Tremella fuciformis)

Jamur merang,pleurotus

In addition to containing a compound eritadenin nutritious as antiracun, also contains a kind of antibiotics that prevent the less nutritious blood (anemia), cancer, and lower high blood pressure.


Fungi term is not the same with mushrooms. Please see the article for more information. Regnum Fungi is the name of a group of large creatures that live eukariotik heterotrof food mencerna ago outside the body to absorb nutrients in the molecular cell-selnya. Fungi have a variety of forms. The most common member of the Fungi mushroom, kapang, leavened, or yeast, although it is often the appearance outside the visible, not the species itself. Difficulties in the fungi due to the slightly more offspring that have a rotation that looks entirely different (remember metamorfosis in insects or frogs). Fungi reproduce themselves in sexual and aseksual. Increase sexual way: hifa from two different fungi fuse ago formed zigot ago zigot grow into the body of the fruit, while the multiplication aseksual way: form a spore, or bud hifa fragmentation. Fungus spore has a box called a sporangium. Sporangium found in the spore. Examples of fungi are Rhizopus spore form. Example fungus that formed shoots is Saccharomyces. Hifa fungi can terpurus and each fragment can grow into the body of the fruit. Learn the science of fungi called mikologi (from the Greek root word μυκες, "mucus," and λογοσ, "knowledge", "symbol").

Fungus or fungi

Fungus or Fungi in the Indonesian language has some meaning that is quite related:

1. Mushroom fruit body is the visible surface of the media to grow a group of fungi (Basidiomycota) is shaped like an umbrella: consists of a vertical section ( "trunk") and the flat or rounded. Technically biological, the body is called the basidium. Some people eat mushrooms secure even some medications are considered nutritious, and some of the other toxic. Examples that can be eaten mushrooms: mushroom merang (Volvariela volvacea), oyster mushroom (Pleurotus), ear mushroom (Auricularia polytricha), or button mushrooms champignon (Agaricus campestris), and shiitake mushroom (Lentinus edulis).
2. Mushroom is the whole part of the fungi: fruit body, and the net below the surface of the soil or media in which the mycelia of files hifa.
3. Is a fungus to kapang. The meaning of this can be for example disimak of expression "Rotinya must have" the meaning is' rotinya has ditumbuhi kapang '.